Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

We respect your personal privacy and will use our best efforts to ensure that the information you submit to the Web site remains private and is used only for the purposes outlined within the site.

General information collection

Savannah Family Eye Care tracks and collects general information regarding the use of this site. Information such as which pages are visited, the length of time visitors stay on the site, the browsers visitors use, and the times people log on to the site, is collected in aggregate and not applied to specific visitors. Such information may be shared, in aggregate, to help others determine how the site is used and what can be done to make it more helpful to our audience.

Personal information

You may use the Savannah Family Eye Care Web site without providing any personal information. However, you may be asked to provide personal information if you choose to complete an online form. Please note that our forms are not encrypted. People who are actively attempting to intercept Web transmissions may be able to read information that you send us or information that we send you through your e-mail address. If you ask us a question and supply your e-mail address, you are authorizing us to respond to you with an unencrypted e-mail message. If you are not comfortable using an online form without encryption, you can call the hospital directly, and we will be happy to help you over the telephone.

Limitations on disclosures

Savannah Family Eye Care will not release your name, street address, telephone number or e-mail address to third parties without your consent, except when required by law or court order.